Monday, March 2, 2009


Sorry to shout, but I am really really excited about our trip up North tomorrow: I will be gone for three days and I hope to write while I am there!
In preparation today I made two custom orders: a gorgeous large agate ring and a lovely mountainous stone I have not identified ( it was supplied by the lovely buyer ).

I also had the pleasure of making an incredibly intricate and druzy-filled Moctezuma Agate necklace with a free-swinging bail and a bevy of sterling granules tucked inside the agate. It is stunning and rare and will be in the shop today!
Tomorrow morning I will ship out my last orders and we will hit the open road to Northern California ( eeek!) I have set my sights on Petaluma, a little town filled with bungalows and yoga studios with a huge weekly farmer's market and a much slower pace: I have been living in major cities ( NYC and LA ) since I graduated college ( from a sleepy town in Ohio, no less! ) and I really really really want some peace in my heart.

I think a little town ( but not too little! ) could help create a peaceful feeling. 

Cross your fingers for us :)


Ann from Montana said...

Crossing fingers and toes and praying and lighting incense! Best, best wishes and today's work wondrous!

susie said...

My eyes are dazzled by your new work, and my fingers are crossed for your new endeavor. Have a good trip!

Dave said...

Yes... travel North... you're future is bright there.


Aisha said...

Where did you go to college? (I'm going to OU in Athens, though I suspect your talking BGSU or Denison or Kenyon or one of those schools.)

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Ann - ooh, I love incense :)
Susie - Thank you so much!!!
Dave - Here's hoping :)
Aisha - I went to a school called Otterbein and got a degree in Musical Theatre!

The Noisy Plume: said...

You know I'm rooting for the new job and relocation!