Sunday, March 22, 2009

Three More Days...

...Of Shop Openness! Just a reminder: the Metal and Leather shops close on March 25th in the evening (Pacific Time) and will not reopen again until April 6th.

Custom orders for the month of April are nearly full, and communication for the 1st to the 3rd of April will be pretty darn spotty: we will be getting internet installed on the 4th of April.

We have renters whom we both feel excellent about, we have a moving company and we have each other to hug and console as the goodbyes get more teary. As I have been trying to remind myself and my friends, I am not moving to Guam! It's just six hours away. We can do this :)

The Leather shop is still having its amazing 15% off sale and will continue to do so until it closes. Final shipping for items on the 26th.

Today we are off to Redlands to spend time with Matt and Irene and Phil and Jesse without crying too much. Matt got audibly teary yesterday when we were talking and I just don't know how to not let me own face crumble in response: he is my brother.


Ann from Montana said...

Glad you found renters you feel good about!!!

Good Girls Studio said...

Praying for your move! Stay strong girl!

Dave said...

Yikes... just three more days to send you a house warming iMix... I have to find something that really hits home to the move... Pressure is on.