Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Love Clutch

Voila :)
J'adore le monde, donc je fabrique le sac a main que dit, "L'amour!!!!"
I probably just said 'I love cheese'...it's been so long since I spoke French. Which is bad, really, because I loved it with an unholy passion. Until verb conjugation got to be too much of a hassle: I was in high school, and there were other things to concern myself with like boys and trying to be 'understood'. Ah, yes.

In current world news,
I was part of a wonderful group on Flickr called 'Design a Day' and yesterday I put in a picture of me shrugging in defeat, for you see: leather, even with the simplest of projects is a bear to finish. Then again, my version of the simplest of projects may be a little lofty...I would imagine I could have easily met the challenge without custom orders and this overactive imagination of mine that makes the humble though of a simple circle into a cacaphony of dots and swirls and off she goes to the studio to pick this uncreated thing out of thin air, not even knowing if it's going to go right. I fall on my face. I quit the group. Gosh, I am waaaay too serious. I wish I could laugh at my fumblings, make a circle and call it a day.
But I am always searching for the elusive masterpiece: the things that haunt me peck at my hands until I make them, you see. These weird spirits of bags and holders and holsters....when will I rest???? ( throws hand dramatically over eyes )

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