Sunday, February 10, 2008

Love at First Solder

I made this bracelet today, in my first soldering class. Simple, elegant, refined, simple....did I mention simple? I will never take chain for granted again, as I now know how labor intensive it can be, at least for a beginner like me.
My last class was wonderful in terms of learning how to create something you designed and such, but the soldering was always done by the teacher, because there were so very many of I begin the long journey of a silver-filled existence, always striving to learn more, always seeking betterment. Kinda like leathercraft.


Good Girls Studio said...

How fun..isn't learning new crafts exciting!?! I'm self taught & would love to see how a real pro does it ;) are a magician w/leather! Seriously been stalking your shop for awhile now trying to see what I might splurge on ;)

The Noisy Plume said...

This looks like a job well done! I am proud of you:)