Sunday, August 10, 2008

Good Reason

There has been a lull in my posting as of late.
As some of you know, I am getting married in October, and this weekend I was thrown the most amazing shower by the woman who I call my boss ( I work four days a week three hours a day at a Pilates studio in order to have good human contact and maintain my muscle strength and sweat a bit ) but is more truly a mentor and a friend.
My mother came in.
My new mother-to-be came.
The entire last week was spent trying desperately to fill a large order that is due this week and get the house ready for two visitors and run the requisite errands, etc.
My silence was for a good reason: I was preparing for joy.
My shower was unreal: kindness and good spirits abounded and there are some rather delicious things I must now cook, smell and wear as a result, even though the invite said "Your presence is present enough". Some people and their generosity ;)
The whole day was a result of kindness -- if you see this woman below know that your life may change in riotous and radical ways: she has a way of sweeping in and igniting the most amazing fires under in your belly and heart.
Be warned :)

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