Monday, August 11, 2008


Mom #1 and Mom #2 have gone. In their wake are two exhausted young pre-married lovers and two sleeping kittehs.
I rediscovered my Grandma's shuffleboard championship necklace this week, and gave it a good shining: it is 12k gold and she won it in 1977, the year I was born. She was a ferocious shuffleboard player!!

It's pretty much all I want to wear right now.

I keep thinking she'd really like to be here now: I think she really wanted to go to my shower, and so I carried her there by wearing her necklace.
I am trying to think of how I can have her at my wedding, what trinket of hers I can carry or wear. She passed last May and has left a rather strong void.
My Grandma Kelly and Grandpa Larry have been kind enough to grand-opt me even before I marry their grandson. I think that's wonderfully kind -- I thought I'd never be a grandchild again.

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