Thursday, August 14, 2008

Time Fuels

My Fire.

This felt very emotional for me to make, having always been so profoundly aware, even as a child, of the limited amout of minutes we have to experience the world.
I used to weep at bedtime when the summer sky was still light thinking, "I want to taste it all!" I was eight. Deeply sensitive.
In love with life and everyone and everything sentient and not so sentient.
Nothing has really changed, except that I don't cling to desperation the way I used to. Adult life has made me a little more resigned to fate, watching those in the generation above my parents pass, even some in their generation...knowing full well that after a body goes their soul is still mighty busy ( I know you're still around, Dr. B!!! ) and so my fear of ending is less ferocious, for I believe we don't.
But while we're here in physical form, oh the magic we create!
The relationships we nurture!!!
The flowers we get to smell and the textures we get to experience -- oh the CUPCAKES!!!!

Time is the fuel in this little four cylinder heart.

What's yours?

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Marlene said...

I agree time fuels...though I think we come from beyond time...time has boundaries...our time here is a mere spec to our exsistance.. love your creations and your words..Marlene from Cambria