Monday, August 18, 2008

I implore you to watch this exciting show!

There is a woman I know whom I have met once, but the sheer sparkle and shine she gives a room is so divine she bewitched me for life.
My hope is that one day there will be a visit, and from the looks of her little Idaho town that has my better parts screaming, "Get me the happy hell out of L.A.!!" I think the turf will surely be hers.
She is The Noisy Plume.
Both of our sales are hovering just about four away from an even number, a giant leap into the FOUR DIGITS for The Noisy Plume and 296 for lil' ol leatherworking-finger-stained-resin-mallet-wielding me.
I have four custom orders this week alone, so I feel a delicious anticipation to see that '2' turn to '3', thus making me the happiest girl ever: three hundred little pieces of love are out there in this big wide world, three hundred pieces I crafted. That's more than I honestly ever dreamed when I began.

The Plume nears 1,000 pieces sold. They are amazing, life-affirming gifts to give oneself. I should know as I have more than three, happily.

Exhibit A:

Exhibit B:

If you haven't been to visit her shop, do.

Go revel in the shiny glory of her silver treasure trove -- ( I DARE you not to buy something!!! )and bite your fingernails as I do to see who will be the lucky one to push her into cake-making territory, which 1,000 items sold definitely merits.
Also, if you haven't been to her blog, go - her life is fascinating and birdlike.

That is all.


The Noisy Plume: said...

Thank you friend.

Katherine said...

Not only is this stuff beautiful, but I love that it is displayed on an Anne Sexton book!!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Yaaaaay, Jillian, you more than did it :) !!!!