Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Numbers Game

I have three more sales to go before I get to three hundred items sold AND I have one more subscription left to receive before I have two hundred subscribers on Youtube -- I am positively luxuriating in the unexpected way things will turn out, just as I was when I wondered who would be my first SunnyRisingMetal customer ( of course it was my Scottish Angel ).

In honor of all of the fun I am thinking of a contest -- I have never had one before! I know I have people stopping by all the time to this here blog, but rarely do I get comments from people other than two or three of my dearest girl-pen-pals -- maybe this will give you a chance to say "hi", ye current strangers! ( You know you can say hello anyways and I'd be thrilled :) )

I will let you know what it will entail tomorrow and what will be won. Actually, what would you most want to see up for grabs????


Here are some delicious pink blosoms I've made today in honor of feeling better ( I had gotten a wee flu and cannot bear to make things when I am feeling unwell unless they can be sterlized, which leather can't ) and in honor of the loveliness of the California sunshine that gave birth to their design in the first place!

Oh, what fun this is!!!

1 comment:

The Noisy Plume: said...

..I'd like to see a pair of leather feather earrings up for grabs.