Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dearest Matt and Irene Coleman...

As you embark on your journey into marriage may you have all that you need any moment you could possibly need it.
May the steadfastness of your commitment to each other shine through moments of happiness and the challenges life throws your way, remembering always that you are on the same team, working toward a united goal:



ever expanding your circle of influence

staying current with friends as you swim through your daily doings.

know that you have our full support and even our cheerleading spirit (!!!!)

and more than your own share of beauty to offer the world.

Remember to let everyone know when you've had enough

and keep your wonderful family close, frequenting the places that hold so many memories, places that tell the story of your love from the beginning.

Um.... and these two? Yeah, I don't know....
I think if this photo could talk they'd be telling you to 'keep it classy' or 'the Dude abides'....

We love you and we celebrate your union with this toast I invented (:

"Clinkity clink, drinkity drink (©)".

Love you love you love you,
Allison & Anthony


Heather Fawn said...

Special & Sweet... Congrats♥

Dave said...

ah... Thanks for sharing...

Irene said...

Allison, you are so beautiful in so many ways. Thank so much for all those kind words and thank you so much for being there and making our day perfect. We love you very much!!! So blessed to have you in our lives! xoxo