Thursday, July 1, 2010


My time in the Lapidary Shop in Shoup Park last night proved fruitful in a way I cannot even begin to describe:
I finally GOT it:
the feel of the cab in my hand on the wheel
I understood what the rocking was for
how the dome feels when it's getting to be just right...
it was magic


it yielded an orphan ring: what you see above is a piece of pristine Queensland Agate from Australia cut, ground and polished by ME!!!
Set in a garden of hammered granules and pierced tendrils, partnered by a piece of gorgeous blonde calcite, which I did not cab...
this, of course, is the ring top in its raw form with the stones just gently sitting in their cradles: the band has not been made yet because I am waiting for YOU to tell me it's yours:
first convo will be the owner, made in your size.

I'll edit here when the woman who owns this baby contacts me!

UPDATE: It has been snagged!! :)

Secondly, this unreal piece of Sonora Sunrise was re-cabbed by me yesterday, having purchased it in Quartzite with a completely unfinished, scratchy top and chipped sides.

It is now utterly perfectly divine. Smooth.

Lapidary is opening up a part of my soul I have longed to reconnect with: when I work on the wheel or on my flat lap I am again a 7 year old kid in Mrs. Mayer's art class; free, unbound and ready to get messy...

then it was paste
and paper bits

now it is a soft layer of silt that covers my hands driving home
and a wet belly from where I got too excited to put on an apron.

To hug you right now would be the only way to show you my joy in its true form:
I am a kid again.

Hallelujah :)



Nialah said...

Ohhh sunshine ring. I would love to be the lucky one who gets to own it.



UmberDove said...

mmnnMMMmmnnn, delicious!

tattooedblogger said...

Very interested in that piece of Sonora...

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Nialah: :) xoxoxoxox

Umber: for real. I am tempted to try and taste the rainbow!

Delia: convo me, lady :) !!

she said...

oh my goodness. the combination of those warm, citrusy stones seem to speak the name "sunny rising" quite melodically. just beautiful.