Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wish You Were Here

Have you ever seen something that moved you so deeply that you couldn't bear the separation?

I found this brooch of Athena on my last visit to Petaluma, but given its incredible craftsmanship, diamond and 18k gold structure and enviable enamel-on-gold painting
I had kissed the thought of it goodbye.
The price was crazy.
I spent the last few weeks thinking of her on more occasions than I would wish to say: 'things' don't normally get into my heart this way on a regular basis.

She is tiny.
She was born in 1870.
She is perfection.

I walked away from the shop, confused as to why Anthony needed to find a bathroom there when Petaluma is rife with bathrooms and he knew his way around:

"I'll meet you at Copperfield's," he said.

And then a few hours later as I searched for well-worn glass at Wright's Beach he presented me with a gold box and said he had found the most wonderful beach stone of all....

Oh, my husband.
My Schmilly.
Thank you is a pale ghost of my feelings right now.

There are no words for being so well-treated. Athena is clutched in her golden box in my studio, tucked away until tomorrow morning when I go to look at her, fresh as Christmas morning.

Wright's Beach says 'hello' and bids you all come visit when you need a refresh from the everyday!

Quoth the raven, "Katherine, we miss you!!!"

My veritable rainbow of beach stones!!!! Can you believe it????

My Annie, at the Pacific for the first time in her beautiful life.... what a homecoming!

Ice plants in bloom

Complex rock formations abound on this coast....

after a fantastic dinner at Central Market and the long drive home, we are here and ready for sleep.

Convos and gorgeous emails have gone unanswered for a whole day and a half, and they are piling: I promise I will resume normal operations on Tuesday: in the meantime, I love you for being patient :)

I truly do wish you were here.
I'd offer you a beer and sit on my slab porch with you, catching up on what's new.
Then I'd tuck you into the guest bed and clamber onto my creaky springs, off to greet the sandman once again!

Until then, goodnight.



Louise said...

beautiful brooch. Sometimes 'things' connect and resonate with us. Perhaps you owned her in a past life, and recognized her immediately when you saw her?
Your husband is wonderful!!!

Katherine said...

Oh, Katherine misses you too.

I'm about to preach my first sermon in this new church... thanks in no small part for your willingness to vouch for me. Love you... and lets definitely make sure we chat this week!!!

Emily said...

You lucky girl! A beautiful little piece and I'm glad its found its home with you.

The picture of the rainbow stones is so, so, wonderful!

resolute twig said...

I adore those beach stones!

and I am so happy your dearest gave you your Athena. I love that feeling of connecting with something old, with the soul of a thing. :) I am so happy she is now yours.

Anonymous said...

Ah, what a wonderful husband you have! Tell us more about the piece as you have a chance . . . it is beautiful, and I am sure its maker would be pleased to know it is still treasured so long after its creation.

Love the beach stones, too.

Taddyporter said...

Oh my goodness that brooch is just magical and that Schmillypants is just the sweetest(and so sneaky gosh!)and handsome as well! it sounds like a fabulous time and these pictures are lush and blissful and make me sigh. love to you Miss Sunshine britches.

CrowNology said...

Beautiful story...
Love the rocks...
I think Athena is fitting...

kerin rose said...

my Dad once told me to find someone who saw my happiness as being as important to them as their own, perhaps even moreso....

like attracts like and I am betting your Hubby is as loving and shiny as you , Alisunny!

this is my favorite kind of story!

MrsLittleJeans said...

what a lovely are too cute for words!