Thursday, July 29, 2010

What I learned and Custom Order Delay

Just wanted to fill you in on what I actually studied while I was away: a triple layer 'story' cuff that blew my mind and gave me more challenge and teeth gritting than I thought possible.
That's what it's a class, you know?

New torch with a tip that made a burly flame and more heat than I am used to working with
Different techniques
(or shall I say 'actual' techniques, as my self-taught shenanigans are rather unpolished)
The rhythm of questions and progress
chasing tools (more, yes, please!!!)
Liver of sulphur (never going back to silverblack)
forming with a bracelet mandrel
Magnesium brazing boards
pins to hold the work

So glad I had the experience.
So glad I am home.

As for custom orders, I am plumb out of silver sheet, and so I will be waiting until the 3rd for it.
Being that I am traveling to Seattle and slowly down the coast with Les Parents from August 11th through the 20th (I am singing at a wedding in Morton, WA and my parents happened to be traveling my way!!)
it makes little sense to start more orders before I go, meaning delays and and designs on the brain when I should be away and refilling the well.

Custom listings will be up on the 21st of August: maybe even a few in the Leather shop!!!

This is the last travel for some time until December, so normalcy will return soon :)
Thanks for understanding and for being so darn great.



Jaime/Bella-Bijou Jewellery said...

wowoweewa....fantastic piece of art Allison!

jessi sawyer said...

1. That cuff is incredible. Wow. Wow. Wow. I have no words.

2. LOVE the new blog look!!

3. Oh I long for taking jewelry classes again. All that equipment right at your finger tips...siiiiigh. Where did you take the class?

emmy d said...

That cuff makes me want to purr!!

Looking forward to the potential custom leather listing!! I will have to be up on my game to snag it when the time comes :)

Nialah said...

*hugs and skips around excitedly* The bangle is soooo gorgeous Allison, just like its talented creator.

Heather Fawn said...

That bangle.... is ummm..... FABULOUS!!!! How awesome to attend a class!!! Amazing and beautiful, I love it!!! Enjoy all of your adventures and trips, you are so lucky to have them :)

kerin rose said...

takin'it to the next level looks so good on you! :)

Two Bees said...

How amazing!!!
I've got 3 more classes set up for this year (this weekend is chasing...thank you so much for sharing!) and I still can't get enough. Congratulations on your results and welcome back!

Nancy*McKay said...

...why it's a silver version of your tooled leather artwork...FANTASTIC...your LOVE shines through & through...& into me...XOXO

CrowNology said...

Words I swoon by...Me soon.
I LOVE this piece. You RULE!

Katsui Jewelry said...

We just hit 100 followers on Etsy and you were one of the first.We are going to have a drawing on Monday to thank all of our followers and give away a special gift box of things that the winner personally would like . We will be drawing on Monday and, of course, you will be included!

Just wanted you to know...Thank you!

Kat and Suz

airchick said...

Allisunny - you're incredibly talented and I wanted to thank you for the link that has led me to another artistic sister in my own back yard!

The Noisy Plume: said...