Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Extraordinary Transformation

It won't look quite like you thought it would, this journey to meet that which you would like to become.

In the transition from before to after you'll learn things you never thought to ask,
weather storms you were ill prepared for
and break open in spots that will heal to form bends in the path
that once was so straightforward and predetermined.

In becoming extraordinary you will confront and conspire with dark things and light things
and learn their beauty is neither for you or against you, that only your perceptions make it personal.

In your path will be things as old as time
like failures
and miracles
and the hours themselves
which will carve a canyon in your impatient heart
making room for everything.

There will be grumpy moments
jubilance and despair
deep loneliness
and ever-increasing accountability
for this short important life
in this flawed and stunning body

Make it count.
Beat that heart
like a drum.

Call everything you need to you.

Take chances.
Make friends.
Consume sunsets and homemade pie with passion and wonder.

On an indeterminable day some amount of time from now
You'll see the shift,
you'll have shed your cocoon 
and you'll wait for the parade you expected would appear in this life-movie
but instead it will be a quiet and beautiful.

It will be solely yours, this moment
before you call your mother
or your beloved in to come see

Your wings will unfold wet and fragile
patient as they've become
moved by love and instinct
you will turn the new parts to the sun and rise
to meet what you were made for.

This copper chrysalis was formed in pitch employing the techniques of chasing and repousse.
The high-relief sculpture (that had once been a sheet of copper!!) was then fired with both opaque and transparent enamels.
The process took a tremendous amount of time and love
and it made me very very happy to see the results.
I knew I had to take my time and make the perfect setting for its

Spring branches of sterling and a helicopter seed
touched with moonstone
form the clasp and canvas upon which the chrysalis

Lovingly and carefully formed with hammer and hand,
perfectly suited for the monarch-to-be.

In the Metal Shop tonight.



Cat said...

Gaahhh! I love, I weep, I wonder. xoxoxoxooxoxxoxoxo

Sybil Ann said...

This is SO beautiful.