Friday, February 19, 2016

I Can Breathe Here

Slowly but even more surely I have been unkinking the fears that stop me from living.
Avoidance of wild spaces.
All the 'what ifs' that too much city life and too much media

Simply taking a hike on my own feels like an act of defiance.
It also feels like actually touching life again, like being a child.
I watched winged things playing in the breeze,
heard a choir of birdsong in live oak.
There was no one to share it with
but I thought of my tall tromping Kelly and knew she'd appreciate
how low the turkey vulture flew over the trail.
That wonderful rustling sound!

I thought of O and how in gathering my courage,
 a less fearful mama would change his view of the world
for the better.
That it's okay, it's all okay.

Construction began this morning on my studio.
What was previously an uninsulated garage with no ceiling will be a gorgeous space
for me to expand SunnyRising,
complete with can lights and a Vent A Fume exhaust system.
A new four foot window.
Warm blue walls.

In about three weeks I'll give you a tour!


Thursday, February 11, 2016

Welcome Gifts

Grand Welcome Necklace. Labradorite. Seed Beads. Mallow. Oak. Crane Fly.

Welcome Necklace. Oak.

The Places I Love Necklace. Oak. Maidenhair. Dew.

Home Fires Earrings. Oregon Sunstone. Fine and Sterling silvers.

Come, Spring Magic Spells. Seed Beads. Creeping Charlie. Jacaranda. Rice Grass.

Welcome Earrings, Friendship Bracelet Edition.

Odd Woman In Earring Trinity

5:00 PM Pacific time


Tuesday, February 9, 2016


My beloved kidlet was sick on and off for too many of the 
days this last month.

He's well again. Knock wood! Preschool, man. Preschool Petri Dish.

Everything that I quoted as far as time goes with orders?

Taking a lot longer than expected.

That's what happens when you sit at the bedside with cool compresses
and lose sleep most nights.

That's what happens when the work is more about healing than creating.

My sister came this weekend and set all kinds of orbits spinning right.

Thank goodness for family and love and tribe. For patient recipients of art.
We are grateful.