Saturday, January 5, 2008

Boulder Opals of Destiny

I don't like things to be perfect: I have never been into streamlined things without the evidence of some sort of yin AND yang, and that is why I love boulder opals. They are so amazing and full of grit and sand and dirt. And when you're walking and the necklace ( like my first piece ever, below by a few entries ) catches the light and turns purple and you find a whole new continent in the stone, it's the greatest high ever.
Besides music.

Behold, ten new additions to my jewelry family: someday they will be set in silver which will in turn be set inside of tooled leather...I have many new ideas that have completely captivated my brain. I am making a new album, too: when will I sleep?????

1 comment:

Mikiye Creations said...

These are GORGEOUS!
I love organic beauty too!
yeah, the little feel of it just came out of the mountain...beautiful!
Oh, I can't even imagine the ideas in your head that you shared!
When we see what you have in mind!
Can't wait!