Sunday, September 14, 2014

Scarab Chrysoprase Saddle Ring

Something sacred

Refreshing luminous green chrysoprase for your heart

Ancient Legend has it that the scarab beetle rolled the sun across the sky.
I made this hammer-engraved insect
to roll the heavy rock from in front of your heart

So you can open your chest bright and wide
and shine your prodigious light

Because the world needs it
(that lovely light)
(your powerful heart)
so badly
and always

Fits a size 8.75 finger

In the Metal Shop later today



Sophie Mom said...

Oh my, what an unusual beauty!
Your create treasures, Sunny.
I am lucky to own a pair of your earrings, and I get compliments on them wherever I go.

cloudgathererholdmedown said...

absolutely beautiful..the ring itself and the intention behind it's creation.

I adore the mythology of the scarab and never take mine sits high on my chest, just below the joining of my clavicle ;)