Saturday, October 11, 2014

Maple Seed Rings - For a Fresh Start.

It is the morning of a new day,
even if it is midnight and you are dog tired.
Even if everything failed
there is room for a sunrise,
room for a miracle.

A fresh start isn't just for January 1st
or rock bottom:
you can afford the grace anytime you wish for it to come.
You are deserving.
You deserve to begin.
You were loved into being.
With a love that big do you really want to stay so small?

You wore some path in the grass, didn't you?
You've traveled over it so many times that the green gave way to dirt
and there seems to be no other option when you find yourself 

but all it takes is a visual shift a few degrees one way or another
a minutely different choice,
a tiny spark of betterment

a decision to seek

the world blooms fresh and unfamiliar
scary and sharp
senses fluttering
heart quick

Here in the evening light
a new sun rises
a few thousand miles from where the old one sets…
a fresh start
a new page
a blossoming moment:

Maple Seed Rings:
Turquoise size 6
Chalcedony size 8
Turquoise size 9

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