Monday, September 14, 2015


This is the before, which is also the now.
 Bit by delicious bit I'll be making this garage into
my workspace.

I've always landed in a room that needs nothing more than a fresh coat of paint: everything all ready to go, just move all the benches against the walls and begin. This space is incredible in the way it presents both challenges and gifts: not a wealth of wall space and nothing I would call 'pretty', but VAST. 

In just a few weeks this will be my soldering station extraordinaire, with a new actual jeweler's bench
(!!!!) and a bright cheery yellow-orange paint job. Poppies will unfurl. Switch plates may even get replaced: this is going to be very very good.

Last night I tapped my graver across a fresh piece of sterling and took my first pass at what will end up being Cecil the Lion. If you're on the internet ever you likely know his story: a dentist from Minneapolis paid 55,000 usd to kill him in Africa. 

I mourned for him and all his death represents, for the terrible way we treat the earth and all her creatures.
Part of his engraved proceeds will go to charity. Maybe you can help me pick out a relevant one?
I'll be researching.

The myriad Orb Weavers doing their very best to wrap up our back yard have 
inspired a few pretty saddle rings: this one will have an ammonite doublet at its center, vibrant and incredible.

This month's round of work will be a celebration of the emptying out
that is harvest-time, the exploration of husks
and the dregs of summer.

I look forward to sharing them with you!

I hope you're doing so well today. 



Debbie Hutton said...

Sending happy thoughts your way, as you settle into your new place, and all the wonderful space you will have to create! It's going to be a fantastic studio.
I agree, I was so sad about Cecil the Lion, how wonderful to do a tribute for his beautiful life will be remembered by the world.
best to you and your sweet family!

pencilfox said...

i am SO looking forward to views from your studio....!!

happy rooting..!!