Sunday, October 4, 2015

Ring and Necklace Preview

I am not messing around: this is a serious influx of serious gems and metalwork.
I have never been more in love with a collection of hours and sweat spent making.
The new space did it: I blame a friendly ghost and seeing into the rafters.

The gifts of the coming autumn have been many. I slowed down some.
I cleaned up some bad habits I'd indulged in for too long.
I got really clear about what mattered.

I have so much to show you, I think you can feel this good place in the work,
it resonates.


Blue Opal Orb Weaver Valentine Necklace with Untreated Sleeping Beauty Turquoise and Carved Coral Roses. Brass chain connectors, hand fabricated. Hammer Engraved web.


Ammonite Postcard Necklace with Minnesota Garden weed and Jacaranda Frond.
Little Collages from the places I love.

Baltic Amber and Chrysoprase Orb Weaver Valentine Necklace. Hammer Engraved. Oxidized sterling chain fringe. 

Royston Hammer Engraved Orb Weaver Ring

Botanical Ring. Hammer Engraved.

Holy Bones Ring. Soft Faceted Howlite, cabbed by me. Feather impression and Chicken Wishbone Band. Size 6.

Dainty Kingman Turquoise Ring. Hammer Engraved, deeply carved. Size 6.25

Full Moon Ring. Watercolor and enamel on copper. Fine Silver Bezel. Dragonfly band. Lavender impressions. Size 7.5

Holy Bones Ring in Labradorite. Striated Golden Flash. Chicken Wishbone Cast Band. Size 8.25

Surrounded by all of the beauty a smaller California country town affords,
egged on by a large and unpretentious workspace
I hammered and sweated and soldered and set happily.

I really look forward to offering this work up to the world 

tomorrow at 5 PM Pacific time.



pencilfox said...

i found myself scrolling through and pausing at each photo to say "wow"....


Joanna DeVoe said...

It's all gorgeous, Allison. And- I want you to know that I wear the ring you made me almost every day & the necklace when I need an extra boost of love. Both are extremely special to me.