Tuesday, September 4, 2007


So, I made this necklace a loooooong while back: my first Koi. Sigh. So much fun :) I have just had a few requests for redos, but the only problem is this: when I googled the item to see if it got press anywhere, I notice that its price is $38.00 dollars. I sell them for 59-74 depending on chain and stones. Always have. The problem, is that I sold that particular item to a wonderful buyer who requested the leather fish only -- no chain, no sterling pendant, just the fish, and she is a lovely woman so I cut the price down from what I would charge for the fish alone.
So now people are looking thinking that the cost of the necklace should be 38 dollars. This is awkward and I am referring everyone who asks to this blog entry so they don't get the wrong idea about my pricing.
ACK! Thanks, internets for your sheer informational staying power :P
Thanks a LOT ;)

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Mikiye Creations said...

Oh, I have had a similar situation. There will always be special customers that we for one reason or another have the right to give a break to...but I know how awkward it can be if someone else finds out.
Besides, Your work is soo TRULY AMAZING and to merely look at it screams highly skilled artisan.
Even though this is NOT the case, You are allowed to raise your prices!
I think it is great to have this medium to let people know the details of why the information may be different and so they understand the reason of any price variations.

I LOVE your blog and hope you don't mind I added you to my "must check out blogs" on my page.