Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Custom and a Bonsai

This custom order moved me deeply and I had to share it with you:

On the back is a personalized bit of writing with an art deco bent... oh dear it echoed so much of me and I just nearly cried as I was setting the stone: what a magnificent Mookaite!!
What a magnificent story behind it all.

I also made a little something for the Metal Shop: I have missed making sprout trees and so I decided to try for a Bonsai.

Short story: when I met Anthony I thought he loved Bonsai trees to the point of wanting to HAVE one and so for Christmas I bought him one and had it shipped.
It was beautiful.
It was deceased within 6 months.
I named him 'Bonzi' and nearly wept as his leaves sprinkled down into his little tree-like roots...

This Bonsai tree will never shed its little silver and Nephrite Jade leaves - oh no - it is good for the life of you and whoever you pass it down to.
You can even name it and get attached, promise!

There are even tiny blades of grass in negative space.
I think I am falling more and more in love with my c-frame saw lately: it was something I abhorred doing when I first began to smith and now
I crave the sound and the sight of silver snow drifting onto the ground.

The eternal Bonsai will be in the Metal Shop shortly!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Love the little bonsai. I'm a bit intimidated by them in real life myself; they seem so fragile.

Corinna said...

You are a





RosyRevolver said...

lovely. and always so moving. xoxo

Sunny Rising Leather said...

Liz R - they ARE so fragile :( But beautiful, too :)

Corinna: As are you :)

JJ: Thank you thank you - your work has been out of this world :)

Kiki said...

What a cute story! Maybe next time, you should get him a cactus (harder to kill).
I’m so happy to see you return to the sprouts/tree theme, and I love the way that you chose to condense the space, so that the metal work is denser. I also like the combination of the raised metal in the tree and the cut out at the bottom.
More trees please!

Good Girls Studio said...

Now that's my kind of plant :) Lovely!