Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Few Very Important Pieces

I have a few new friends for you to meet this fine fall afternoon: 

on the left is an art deco approximation of the mighty diaphragm muscle in our abdomen: it is in part responsible for our breath, for our courage and our stability.

It is shaped like an umbrella.

In this ring is the most decadent Ethiopian Opal: a rich chocolate brown that glows red and green and yellow fire even without direct sunlight - observe:

Look at that amazing fire in the dimmest of rooms... this kind of opal is incredibly rare and very valuable, especially with the amount of fire it has.

Right above the strong stone are two 14k gold dots and on the ring band it says


a command I have to repeat to myself some twenty odd times per day as I have a tendency towards shallow breath and forgetfulness!
It is a size 7 and it is formidable.

Breathe, indeed!!

The second introduction I would like to make is to a very lovely labradorite boundary ring in a size 10 - solid, strong cobalt blue emanates from this ring at seemingly every angle...
would I ever give you a ptooey stone with a bit of sassafrass?
No!! It's incredible or bust over here in Petaluma!!

I have been doing boundary necklaces with a simple gold dot in the center and I thought, 'How lovely to do a ring AND with the powerful definite light of labradorite!'

So I made it and it feels really powerful and protective, indeed.

These pieces will be in the Metal Shop soon!

In other news, I am having an affair of sorts - I trust you implicitly not to tell my husband - I have told Janey, but she is a master secret-keeper.

Could those eyes ever spill a secret? Oh, Girlee...
I have to introduce you to the man in question:

He is my Sexy Skeleton courtesy of the incredible Jessi Taylor .
I don't think I've even taken him off yet except to sleep because I have quite a mane and that would be a bad kind of tangled.

I was moved by him because he reminds me to live: someday that is what I will look like: with every glance in the mirror, with every look down at my hands or my work an insistent voice says, "LIVE". 
And so I do.

Do yourself a favor and follow my lead: you will be smitten.... 

In the process of wearing this fine sterling fellow I have fallen in love with him: please be discreet now that you know about my little dilemma.

I hope this Saturday finds you well-rested full of crisp and stew.

Hugs and hot tea to you, my dear friends!!


reconstructing sarah said...

wow and wow and shhhhhh, indeed :)

susie said...

Oooh - I have looked at that skeleton and thought, "I wish I could see what it looked like on" -so many beautiful artists to aspire to and be inspired by! I am getting a crash course in stones, my eye becoming a bit more discerning. Enjoy your Sunday.

Dave said...

If I were a cat I would pounce on your sexy skeleton... oh... that didn't sound right... outta here...



Runs4fun said...
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