Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Ghost Ferns

Even in your absence I catch myself looking for you,
smelling your woolen cologne
your perfume
your fur and finery…

There is a piece of you in everything I do, somehow
a presence that permeates all;

a ghost

Remember how you kept us up nights?
Your incessant rascal nature?
I hear it in the raucous laughter of teenage girls passing the house
in the mournful howl of the four a.m. transient
harsh and loud
a soundtrack to the daily thousand goodbyes and greetings.

I rise halfway from my chair
becoming the Me of four years prior
before I catch the chain again
before the machine resumes its perfect function….

It must sound strange for all the rattle
but I am comforted by the astral proximity
Glad for the company
Certain that you must delight the baby
because I know the veil is thin for him;
When he laughs and grasps at nothing I sense arrival.

You blessed me 
Made me feel lucky and chosen

It is warm tonight
The peepers have started their late summer calling
they beckon me to the yard
where I stand under the stars looking up
and though you wind about my chest
ethereal and healthy

I miss the subtle caress in my heavy hope and whisper skyward,

"Wait for me
Wait for me
Wait for me."

Ghost fern trio of belt buckles:
soft and hard
sumptuous and earthy.

5 inches by 3.25 inches to the edge of the triple-scalloped demi-wings.

In the 



Sybil Ann said...

Beautiful. How they touch our very souls.

mairedodd said...

poetry to the eyes and ears - so very beautifully done...

Cat said...

holding these word close today

your creations are stunning

weren't you supposed to be on a break?
I 'm just sayen' ; )

love and light

Allisunny S. said...

Thank you all :)

Cat, my hands itch if I cannot make: I've cut waaaay back ;) xoxoxo

Cat said...

Beauty. Reading your words, I am filled with gratitude for your honesty and talent for sharing.