Sunday, April 14, 2013

Chatoyant Tigereye and Jacaranda Saddle Ring

Holy heck, friends.
Today I had the afternoon to spend time in the studio
and make real some sawed and filed ideas that were brewing for some days, weeks or months.
Time is so fast now I don't what's what.

But what I DO know is this: there is love in this beautiful piece
and some serious mojo.

It is lush and spectacularly comfortable on a size 8.75 finger...comfortable in a way that something so sumptuous and dramatic seems like it could not be.

It is meant for a middle finger but would also work on your ring finger, too.

This bit of stardust could go from work to the bar to the couch for late night 

and never break a silvery sweat.

It is imprinted with jacaranda leave from my neighborhood here in Northern California
and boasts one of the most beautiful and chatoyant tigereye cabochons I've ever seen.

It glows mustard yellow, blue and a rich hunter green.

Two little sterling granules and a rich warm satin finish round out the beautiful stone
and the forever memory of the leaves in spring...

in the 



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