Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Delicate Cycle III

Something wonderful this way came last week. After months of working to get my self-nurturance up to speed everything I needed just simply clicked into place.
Isn't that the way it always goes? Trudge trudge trudge trudge --- leap!!!

First we sleep-trained our gorgeous tiny man and got him resting every night from seven pm to seven am with a 5:30 wakeup to come snuggle and have some milk. It's what we always wanted it to be: separate until sunrise and then warm and snoring together for a spell.

First he wakes up Schmilly by tapping him on the shoulder and saying something like, "Uh ohhhhhh...." or "Dadahhhh" and then I open my eyes to that beautiful scene, remembering to thank God every time. How could I forget when I look at them? My boys.

Now that he goes down so early I have a chance to put in a little more studio time
and the feeling of gratitude and peace has been creeping out of my hammer swings
and into the molecules of my work.

I can see it: can you?
Looks a lot like love.

I've also been back at the wheels because that man of mine took me to the Santa Clara Rock Show
and watched with a smile as I bought small and precious slabs of Laguna and Agua Nueva agates

When we came home he took the baby and told me to go work with the spoils of my plunder
and so I cabbed two little rainbow Lagunas from the same nodule
but worked each from the opposite sides.
Except for the coloration, they look like completely different rocks!

Their beauty is the best of the earth to me.
I am nerdy for rocks, just simply a geek for them.

My very favorite Agua Nueva had to be worked immediately: I was so drawn to it. While others may prefer their agates pristine, I am a sucker for a good healed fracture. It's symbolic to me - it speaks of our strengths, of the earth's pains and gifts and the miracle of enduring.
As I said last week, sometimes enduring is grace itself.

In the evenings after Orion is sleeping and I've put an hour of my heart into stones, hides and metals
I put something simple on for dinner 
and curl up with a book.

I'm a sucker for a one-pot recipe
and with all the amazing organic produce at the Farmer's Markets here we are back to eating what Anthony refers to as a 'veggie trough' for dinner: a giant bowl of greens and a rainbow vegetables simply dressed with mostly balsamic vinegar.

We eat together as just adults
and share the stories of our day
sometimes with whiskey
sometimes with tea
after dinner

I've re-discovered the library and all its gifts:
storytime for the little one
books on cd


and I've also re-discovered the joy of time management.
I am a stickler for a good schedule these days;
a taskmaster who gets things done and rests well.

A longtime lover of lists, the spark has been renewed and proven powerful again.
Just the thought of a good list is enough to coax a smile...how funny!

I may get tired as we all do 
but my soul is doing cartwheels

because it feels lately like everything rushed in to support
what was flagging.

I feel partnered
and held

The work I share with you today is the result of 
that God's-palm feeling
and carries a very special energy

There are two pair of white magic mushrooms

with handmade dewdrop stems

There are jacaranda seed earrings in simple sterling 

a hammer engraved copper maidenhair fern frond and sterling accents
and memories of Hawaii

and a sweet little turquoise (with pyrite inclusions) ring in 6.5
with a delicious hammered band and sterling accents.

These are the fruits of this wonderful week
where I learned to rise earlier for a non-harried shower
while the boys played with blocks
in the living room
applying mascara to the soundtrack of delighted baby squeaks

where I leaned in to Orion's almost-walking and found it worthy of joyous celebration
despite the every-growing distance from tiny him to giant him

where I came home to myself just a bit more
and felt welcome and whole.

I should have everything in the shop by tomorrow evening,
but if something sings your name before then
please feel free to 



I wish you everything good and then some tonight.



tattooedblogger said...

This makes me happy

Heather Burt said...

As always, your words sing to me. Thank you.

oksana said...

oh, how i love your words - balm for my soul-and your work glorious!!
thank you

Allisunny S. said...

Thank you all so much, my dear ladies. xoxoxox