Monday, June 23, 2014


I've been doing some custom work of late, mostly larger bags and guitar straps.
It's been so gratifying and though I have to turn down a lot of projects when the list gets too long,
I am blessed with incredibly patient patrons who wait long and well for what they requested.

My work is so deliberate and my hours of doing so are so holy and well-refilling.
I have the task ahead of me and I know the path so well, my beloved leathercraft.

The butter-pull of the knife.
The vibration of the hammer: I know how it will sound on every inch of my 
marble slab.
The wash of color 
the life it gives me
that sustains me

In six months it will be eight years since SunnyRising became an Etsy shop.
It's been run on love and faith and sometimes on fumes.
Everything runs on fumes lately unless it's done before noon,
but that's just motherhood very naturally taking center stage.

I've been thinking ahead to when Orion is in school, realizing how much more
I'll be giving to my work, dreaming about what a bigger studio will look like,
drafting sketches of where things will go.
It's intoxicating, honestly giddy-making stuff!

He starts preschool in a week - the unfathomable steps into grown-up O are happening.
It's terrifying.
It's liberating.

Until those times are upon us I steal time
during naps
and after bedtime
and when the babysitter is here
to craft mine and other people's wishes
into something physical and lasting
that they can pass on to whomever they choose

Orion is nearly potty trained.
Anthony is nearly at content lock for the game he ships in November.
I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and it is amber-glorious.

On the days when it's good and maybe even especially on the days when it's uphill
I pause and feel the blood coursing through my strong capable body
and I rest in mystery
oblivious to the why of our earthly presence
but grateful for these days
of furtive craftsmanship
and drought sunsets

of chin-kisses
and emotional bursts

they will none of them come again


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Chuckles said...

you work is amazingly beautiful A!
You heart the gift

never change

love and light