Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Soul of Everything Necklace.

In the soul of everything whole and strong is something small and frail and broken that healed. Do not regret your mistakes or your falls. You will look back and see that they served.


A monument to growth, a mixed-metal toast to the glory and discomfort of 
trying and failing and continuing despite.

Life always offers us an eventual vantage point from which to look down at the meandering
path we trod and find it worthy. 

tomorrow finds this fortifying necklace and a handful of Sweet Littles in the


Medium Lake Tahoe Ferns

Crisped and dried and picked in the cold January afternoon on a nature walk
with my little Holy Trinity

Just so perfectly imprinted.

Pretty Little Feathers

Dainty and Strong

Pretty Little Wee Lake Tahoe Fern Tips

California Live Oak Leaves

Picked off the chilly autumn ground by my son
and gathered into our cloth bag we have handy for such things

I will have everything in the Metal Shop by late morning


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