Sunday, August 10, 2014


Spiderweb Squared Saddle Ring with Aquamarine. 8.5.

Ferns inside and out

Spiderweb Necklace. Chrysoprase. Carved Coral Rose. Labradorite. Feather Back.

Small Spiderweb Posts. Sterling silver.

The Soul of All Things Singular Magic Earring. Variscite. Lace Lichen. Feather.

Libra Earrings. Full Range of Motion. 


These beautiful and colorful pieces are the last of the summer season
for SunnyRising.

I am so excited to offer them,
and I am so excited to take a long vacation to be with family and rest.

I will be listing these and a few more things (already claimed and reserved)
tomorrow afternoon

If you wish to reserve anything you see above please convo me in the Metal Shop.

I also have something very exciting for the Leather Shop this week, also - toward mid-week. I'll keep you posted!


pencilfox said...

oh, my, dear allison....
your spiderwebs are amazingly intricate and wonderful.

my hopes for you are that you have a restful [well-deserved] holiday from work....enjoy your family....and rest your spirit....


Allisunny S. said...

Marie, Thank you thank you -rest is going to feel marrrrvelous, dahhhling :) xoxoxoxo