Friday, December 12, 2014

2014's Last Batch!

California Rain Walk Magic Spells. Garnet. Mexican Fire Opal. Shell. Amazonite. Jade. Ginkgo and Feather Impressions.

Empty Seed Magic Spell Earrings. Peridot. Labradorite. Carved coral rose. Pink opal. Shell. Chrysoprase. Indian Ricegrass and Jacaranda seed impressions. Draped chain.

Ice Magic Spells. Polished quartz. Heat-treated drusy. Leaf impression. Hand fabricated Brass teardrop.

Dry Heat Earrings. Carnelian. Indian Ricegrass. Hammered Brass Hoops.

Minnesota Summer Earrings. Maple seed. Black-Eyed Susan Petal. Carved coral rose. Pink opal and chrysoprase. Hammered brass teardrop.

Mixed Magic Necklace. Extraordinary Australian opal. California Oak and backyard feather.

Three Leaf clover earrings. Post and nut closure.

All of these beautiful bits will be in the 

tomorrow morning at 11:00 PST.

See you there!!


1 comment:

pencilfox said...

so pretty.
so wintry.
so perfect.