Sunday, November 30, 2014

Giftaway: Secret Garden Earrings

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I've always been insatiable for some Grand Answer for everything in life.
For the book that makes everything finally make sense,
all the glory and the horror of this earthly experience,
all the mysteries of what lies beyond the last breath we'll take.

I have not found one, which doesn't panic me the way I thought it might.
It's simply a game of waiting and seeing,
of knowing that things either work out or they don't.
That people stay in your life or the thread unravels.
That desires give way to a million impasses
and the years are shocking in their speed 
and your own aging face is at once tender
and funny
and sad.
And beautiful.

I am learning that there are some things that can be embraced to carve out a meaningful
and enjoyable time here on earth, and these bits and bobs have taken years to unearth.
Years to find the key that unlocks the door.
Years to turn the dirt
Years to plant the seeds.

Creating a sustainable joy,
living from a place that is more than merely just a constant response to stimuli…
That has been my secret garden,
planted and sown while living
the mundane
and the miraculous


Here is my magic spell for Good Life:

1. Be curious long after it's acceptable.
2. Love every single one of your thoughts, no matter how dark, no matter how fleeting. Then let them go.
3. Find your people and tend to them. Let them tend to you.
4. If someone wants to speak only of dramas or secrets with you, know that your involvement will only lead to sadness. For everyone involved.
5. Pause before you let your emotions run wild: the tide turns whether or not we fight it.
6. Make space for spacious thinking: sketchbooks, coffee, meditation.
7. Let an animal into your heart. Yes, it will hurt when they go.
8. Do things that make your heart race in a good way.
9. Grieve properly.
10. Be grateful.
11. Have a truly intimate relationship with whatever you perceive as divine.
12. Knuckle down.
13. Surrender.
14. Be of service

I am taking a small break -
in the meanwhile I would like to gift these beautiful earrings to a reader:
leave a comment here or on my Instagram 
and one lovely line will be randomly chosen.

In your comment, tell me one of your secrets of life.
I am always excited to learn how others live their very best selves.

A winner will be chosen on December 8th.

Good luck and thank you from the bottom of my heart for being here
all these years, or even just today for the first time.



pencilfox said...

love the earrings but WOW i love that list even more. i'm going to imprint it on my heart.

i do enjoy knowing you....i truly do....


Katie said...

I adore your list! I think of myself as a realist over being an optimist or pessimist, but do value finding the silver lining to any situation. There's no sense in wallowing in all the bad.

Enjoy your break and keep following your heart.

Sybil Ann said...

Feel it - talk about it - admit you need help when you do. Keep kind people close and be kind to those who need it (everyone).

It's a gift knowing you.

Zorah said...

Do what makes your heart full.

cloudgathererholdmedown said...

to be in it (life) with nothing less than all your heart.

carpe diem, baby.

Magda said...

Beautiful post on so many levels. My lifesaver: breathe... be here in the now, let go as much as possible, be grateful everyday for little things. And smile.

Nialah said...

Hi dearest Allison,

Such an inspirational list :)

And I always like to appreciate the small things - a smile, a hug



Mia Jones said...

I have a print of this "New Year's Wish Poem" to remind me that the world is magical. I can't take credit for it at all, it's by wonderful author Neil Gaiman, but reading it makes my skin tingle with the possibilities of life and wonder that a new year brings.

"May your coming year
be filled with magic
and dreams
and good madness.
I hope you read
some fine books
and kiss someone who
thinks you are wonderful.
and don't forget
to make some art-
write or draw
or build or sing
or live
as only you can.
And I hope,
in the next year,
you surprise yourself."

m said...

A...I adore this post.

The most important things I've learned over the past few months...listen to what others are trying to tell you (even when you might not want to hear) ... let go when it is time (even if it hurts)...and be patient with yourself--as patient as you would be with a friend or a you try to figure out what it all might mean...

Gorgeous earrings :)

Rin said...

These days... I just try to ask for hugs as much as possible.

Jenny said...

Don't compare yourself to others. There will always be someone who is "better" than you, so its just not healthy to always be comparing to them. Focus on your own growth.

Heidi said...

Lovely earrings! and list, truly. I try to live:
1. in the moment and
2. as thoreau said, to live deep and suck out all the marrow of life.

anonymous said...

Our "personal" power has the strength of a thousand dragons. There for the harnessing!