Monday, November 10, 2014

Winter's On Its Way

Golden Root and Bramble Earrings with Faceted Tourmaline in pink and sage green.

Golden Early Winter Branch Earrings

Layering Magic Necklace with Fiery Coober Pedy Opal. Sage and Feather.


It's been so long since I've written here at length.
I feel like the active living is what's been on the books these days, not so much the documenting.
I blink and a month is gone,
lost in a fever of creating and communicating and loving.

I keep thinking I will burn out and then I realize that everything is balanced:
there is the raising of the boy
tempered with the creating of the beauty (well, he's beauty too, but that's just understood)
and the loving of the people I love
and the lifting of the heaviest weights I can
and then there's the eating and sleeping and details.
Sometimes a sad day is just a detail,
where three years ago I would have reached out to community and requested fond thoughts
or suffered for the sadness.
These days suffering is a luxury I don't want to spend my time on.

So when my heart gets heavy with whatever I get into the studio
and it pours out in work.
Winter has historically been so hard on my emotions
and almost like putting up canned food, I am stocking my art
to nourish both myself and the woman who will wear it.

I am painting bare branches in sterling before the branches here get bare.
I am paving my path in light before I lose myself to the darker days.

This is O's first winter with complicated linguistics, with appreciation and questions about the sun and the moon and the early evening sky…
it makes me feel brave, telling him of winter's beauty, as though I've loved it myself.
And then I find myself loving these inward-nature changes as I explain them to him.
His face aglow with wonder, I cannot help but smile.
His questions tip the scale to beauty, every time.

While I miss this space very much, miss the space I made to write down 
I am bowled over by the life I am living.
I'm following the order of things
with interest and wonder


The Early Winter Earrings will be in the Metal Shop

later today.



pencilfox said...

not only do you got it goin' on, you've got it figured out.
i love dropping by here. you lift me up.

Allisunny S. said...

Marie, I am so glad you drop by. Really. xoxoxox