Monday, January 26, 2015

Beauty-Fully Entrenched.

Barely There Golden Rain Seed Slip Earrings. American Turquoise. Carved Mother of Pearl Pikake Flower. Warm copper.

Hammer Formed Birch Leaf Earrings. Copper with Fine Silver Rivets.

Gem Chrysoprase and Maidenhair Magic Spells

Wee Fern Earrings. Sterling Silver.

It occurred to me as I was listening to my child singing and playing in the living room - I was chopping kale in the kitchen, trying to keep my veggie-loving Joseph away from our dinner,
laughing and setting him on the floor over and over again,
'the wheels on the bus' as the accompaniment,
I remembered my friend Natty's phrase:
"In the thick of it".

I am In the Thick of It right now with little time for the luxuries of introspective writing or leg-shaving,
big-time in love with the reasons why.

I cannot remember ever being so happy.
Even when I'm on my last nerve, even when all the boundaries are prodded by chubby fingers.

I have time to love.
I have time to make.
I have time to make love.

The Work and the Motherhood are symbiotic right now, each one healing up the pieces of me the other scuffs. They are not at odds. Nearly three years into their marriage, Work and Motherhood have found a kind of groove that gives them each their due, and while Work always knows that Motherhood rules, she does so with a gentle and compassionate hand and heart.

The latest fruits of these days will be in the 

very shortly.

They are positively vibrating with warmth and joy.

The loveliest day to you, dear Reader!


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pencilfox said...

beautiful words, allison.
i am glad you are so very happy.