Friday, January 9, 2015

Here Comes the Sun, a Collection.

Golden Chance Earrings. Brass Hammer formed Jacaranda Seeds. Amber. Hand-forged sterling pears.

Lilypad Magic Spells. Chrysoprase. Sterling star.

Medium sterling silver hydrangea studs.

Real Music Earrings. Brass Jacaranda Seeds. Hand-fabricated hoops with catches.

The Green in Everything Necklace. Double decker brass clasp. Branch toggle. Horse Canyon Agate with soft facets, cabbed by me. Fern impressions.

Ginkgo Pepper Flower Simple Dangles.

Once upon a time Schmilly and I bought a condo.
We planned to be there for a long time.
It had the best high ceilings,
amazing neighbors
and smelled unreal, like fresh pine.

We bought it during a seller's market.
We paid insanely for it.
We felt so lucky!!!

Anthony lost his job.
We moved.
We found renters.
We mourned our exile from Los Angeles.
We lived lean: the rent we received didn't cover the mortgage.
Not by a long shot.

For the last six years we have made the choices that were right for us,
holding on,
digging in,

As of a few days ago, that lovely light-filled place
became the joyful home of another person.

It is out of our hands
and we cannot believe how light we feel.

The selling of that little nest was….

Banks are being extremely cagey.
It was like watching a Telemundo soap opera
and the lender was Senor Macho Solo.


Here we are!!!!

Here's our joy!!!

Untethered from the past we are dreaming vibrant dreams about the future,
the 'where's and the 'what's….

This little collection
is the result of the energy of that bouyant

the result of letting go
and breathing
and seeing the sun after weeks and weeks of rain.

Effervescent magic
in the 

tonight and tomorrow, listing as toddlers allow.


P.S. - please excuse the weird color snafus here on Blogger. I am not really technicolor in real life, nor will I be on Etsy. xo

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Farm and Field said...

Good grief! That's a long time to be tethered to that amount of stress. I'm so glad it's over for you.