Monday, March 9, 2015

Homage to the Night Skies

Labradorite, dragonfly wing, Star Lassos. Sterling Silver and Brass. 

Double star studs. Sterling silver.

Lone Star Spells. Aventurine. Amazonite. Sterling silver and brass.

Oak leaf and Kyanite Magic Spells. Shooting Star. Chain cascade.

Variscite and hammer engraved spider web spells. Impending spring! Chrysoprase. Pink sea shell. 

Friends, Orion turned three last weekend.

His incredible trinity of years on earth and the impending spring have been 
lifting me out of an exhausted funk.

He has been so joyful lately, so willful and astounded. Loving and stubborn.
I've been on my toes. Broken record, I've been doing too much. It's like balance has become 
the thing, all of the time. "I'm working on it," I say.

When the studio door closes behind me the scale tips and meaningful silence cradles me
and smooths the edges. I appreciate motherhood more for the slight distance.
I have things to tell him when I'm done.

Sometimes he comes into the studio with me and we tap on leather together. He listens to my instructions of where he can go and what he can do. It's no longer like the studio is only mine, he touches my life in there. This is very much okay with me.

Most pairs in this incredible round of spells are my celebration of him, my greatest love. My star,
Monsieur Petite Etoile.

When I make from this place of personal inspiration, this full place of utter adoration, real magic happens, beyond the prayers, beyond the medicine certain plants and energies impart to the metals.

I am really excited to share not just the elements and stones in these special earrings,
but excited to share little pieces of my mama heart, the second heart my body built when Orion was born.

Plucked from the night skies and

later today.


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