Thursday, March 12, 2015

"Close Your Eyes….Open your Hand…."

What joy the above words made in my heart,
even writing them makes me smile.

Mostly my mom said them.
The unexpected.

I was good at closing my eyes and opening my hands as a cup…
I was good at getting.

Somehow along the line I lost that trust.
Playmates put bugs in my hand.
Smiles hid sharp parts that hurt.
Experience not as advertised:
Please read fine print.

Sometimes I shrink away
because life doesn't always put a sweet thing in your palm.
Sometimes it's pain
sometimes it's loss
maybe overwhelm

It takes bravery to receive in a world that is equal parts
joy and shit.

It takes a courageous heart to say 'yes' to things, 
sometimes even to getting out of bed in the morning,
to putting on pants.

This necklace is a prayer for your bravery,
for your blossoming.
After all these years I think the key is just to show up.
Be willing, present
To get bigger 
and Wider and let light into the cracks.
Your armor can wait:
today let's receive instead

Watercolor and enamel on copper hand. Robin's egg blue on the reverse side.
Fired just past sugar stage for a wonderful dappled texture.
Triple layer sterling silver hydrangea.

In the Metal Shop later.



pencilfox said...

good lord, woman.
your words are sheer poetry.
your honesty speaks to my soul.


Joanna DeVoe said...

I believe that the energy of the heart chakra travels out to & through our hands, so I love that this is hanging over your heart. Or just above it. Close enough! -xo

creative quest said...

beautiful piece, beautiful reflection and renewal of faith through courage.