Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Blossoming


is full this afternoon.

It has blossomed,
like our peachy roses,
like my son's flushed and fevered cheeks…

I listed everything this afternoon as he napped
and then spent hours fussing over him and being cuddled.
Now he watches Winnie the Pooh and I write, trying so hard to communicate what sometimes feels so easy.
I have in the past steamed out work and listings like mad: meaningful, friendly work that just flowed…
now everything feels precious, "My God, I made seven pairs of earrings!!" like I 
built a house. A tiny, delicately-strong bejeweled house.

Whew. I ought to make myself some iced tea.

It's the height of clear beautiful days here right now in Northern California,
sweet and frightfully dry, the sun giving us a bit more day to savor.
One year of water left, tick tick tick.

In every area of life the lovely and the hard
are married and so precariously, lovingly balanced.
Or not at all balanced.

I have beauty to share today and that's enough.
More than enough.


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