Wednesday, April 29, 2015

First Bloom and a Trinity

The roses are in first bloom right now
and this evening I had the presence of mind to take my best camera out
and capture some of the vibrant life
right in our back yard.

We blew bubbles and went 'fishing', which consisted of sitting in a tall dirt planter
with tomato stakes hanging over the edge, talking about what kind of fish were 'dowm' there.

Everywhere I looked, Beauty.
Every breath, blessed and weary:
by the end of the day I tend to envision a finish line
and I am determined to cross it.

To be gentle with myself for the less than stellar moments
and smile at the amazing and weird ways my son puts the English language to work.
He is vastly creative
and very serious,
except when he's not
and then it's all silliness and running.

I want to run more with him.
I will add that to my awesomely long list of things to do:
'run more with Orion'
because heaven knows
that list is my Spirit Animal.

In practically french-kissing my studio every time I walked in this week I made some
of the most sumptuous and potent earrings.
Just three pairs, but I like trinities and harmonies in thirds,
so it's just right.

They'll be





Candace Morris said...

I love Orion's haircut. Language is amazing right now, right? And so is that deep feeling that I could be doing more.

Cat said...

I love you so....lets hang out someday soon ♥

love and light