Monday, May 25, 2015

Chrysalis Heart Clutch

As the mother of a three year old I am learning doubly firsthand that we are not born 
all there, all blossomed. We arrive at our ripeness in varying stages,
and for each soul a completely unique time.

Some say their 'glory days' were high school,
while someone else might regale you with tales of painful awkward teenage ostracism.

I think the twenties were a time of god-awful fumbling, but I have friends who sigh over white wine
and wish that they would miraculously be plopped back into that oversexed 
discovery zone.

For each embodied soul, a time comes when they hatch out of that ever-thinning 
clock-cloak, dry their wings and take off in a way that they never conceived they could.

I think that my own Monarch heart is a few years off from that cosmic right-time.
It's something to do with early motherhood and the understanding that this utterly dependent (though ever less so) kid is not always going to be small and needy.

Someday I will not be stealing away to studio time like a lover
or missing those wrist rolls already;
grieving the tiny changes that will make my son a man
while wishing I could make more time to take care of my damn self.

If you've already flown I hope you are still alight in that just-right place,
savoring the freedom of those colorful wings every single day

but if you sense, like me, that your bursting-forth is approaching like Christmas morning
then I say from this same place

to take heart, friend!!!!
For all the days that you find yourself wrapped in the sheath of limit
find the wiggle room: list the gifts.
Be grateful and prepare your whole life
for big miracles!

I believe in our constant and hard-won evolution,
that we were born to get bigger and better
and to let love win as often as we can.

I believe in the beauty of our chrysalis hearts, beating wildly against the 
white bones of the rib cage

and I know that in all the ways they grow and change that they are thrumming
and alive with pulse and grace
forever and ever

The Chrysalis Heart clutch will be in the 


Made entirely of veg-tanned tooling leather (double milled for the body)
and dyed by me!
Lined with dark grey pig suede.
Inlaid with two mirrored slices of mookaite wrapped in fine and sterling silvers.
riveted, stitched and snapped securely.
Two hand rests for a more secure carry.
Painted with high-flow acrylic in bold sweet colors.

Made with tender love and prayer in California.


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pencilfox said...

golly, that's one gorgeous piece of artwork!!

i always love to visit your site, read your heart-felt poetry about life and love.