Monday, June 1, 2015

Tenacity Necklace

The leaf was there in my wiper blades for months. Through rain (didn't drive much during the rainy days, but still used to blade quite a bit to clear the spring pollen), through freeway jaunts up and down the peninsula, past the Golden Gate and all around the city…

A spiky scrub oak leaf. 
Hanging out, hanging on.
I ignored it for a few weeks and figured that eventually a strong gust would take it.
After about a month and a half I was wonder-struck by it and
thought it to be good luck.
At eight weeks I was slapped with the beautiful realization
that I was witnessing grace and tenacity,
taught by a fucking LEAF in my wiper blade.

I took it out and gave it a perfect roll, the perfect rest.

Now for the pink sapphire:
I bought it at an antique store. It was badly broken on its sides (which I fixed with my lapidary equipment) and marred on its top near the apex of the perfectly clear star (which I did not fix on account of that perfect star).
Sapphires are a nine on the Mohs scale, right behind diamonds. 
They are HARD.
Whatever it took to break that sapphire and chip its top curve was strong.
Possibly brutal-
And yet, here it is, singing
a perfectly imperfect song
of remaining

I am going to put this stunning marriage into the metal shop later this week.
I want you to think good and hard about the magic in these parts,
about the power of the whole.

Even if it's just through these stories,
this picture
I want you to take heart.

I want you to fall into their tenacity and be lifted.
By a rock and a leaf.

You can call me batshit crazy, but every time I look at these two
I feel a bit better about this world, this life.
They are small and meek but ridiculously mighty.

The mirror image is going to someone I love who embodies
their power and then some, so there will only be one of these in the shop.

Here's to the beauty of tenacity, to a beautiful day.



Cat said...

There is such beauty in this world. I'm so glad to see it through your eyes, through your hands and heart. xo

lynde said...

just what i needed this morning. i reminder of tenacity. thank you so much. Lynde

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