Sunday, June 7, 2015

Tomorrow Afternoon

It started with a few inquiries about whether or not I would be making any bee wing necklaces in the near future...

and I mentioned it just so happened that I would be: I made two and a beetle wing necklace, a first. 

Then my mommy came to visit, and the studio has been LIVED in.
Really lived in, sung in, cried in, celebrated in.
There is a lot afoot at the Circle-K if indeed the Circle-K is the universe.

I am full.
The shop will be, too:
tomorrow afternoon some really lovely things will be there.

Debutant Ring, size 6. Pure Cast Sterling Silver. Heavy and gorgeous.

Wishbone Necklace. Sterling silver Chicken Bone. Mother of Pearl.

Holy Molter Earrings. 24k gold. Sterling silver. Snakeskin. Amber. Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.

A beautiful and loving evening to you, dear Reader.


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