Tuesday, November 3, 2015


"If you could go anywhere you wanted to this morning, anywhere that would feel like a total luxury, where would you go?", she asked as we sat with our coffee.
It had become obvious through my mood and words that today was tough and felt a 
little drown-y.

"I woud take a left on Mines Rd instead of just driving into town," I said. 
She tipped her chin down and said, "Let's go!" We got our shoes on and 
turned left.

Music on, head clearing. 
Child with his million thousand questions. 
California unfurling like a blonde curl.

All around us, signs of the incredible drought. A mud-pit where there once was a lake,
docks sticking out into nothingness looking more like empty thrones
than a place to tie a boat.

Oak leaves to collect, words to scatter as only three-year-olds can.

Still, the relief and still the ache.

As much as I want to put the blame on what surely must be hormones
and fatigue I know that the lion's share of what hurts today
is less those things and more the peculiar storms that happen
when someone who completes you 
goes home

Home to their beautiful and challenging life,
leaving you to your own likewise prismatic situation.

It was all enough,
the wedding of the century (oh our beloved bride!!!!),
the clarity of conversation,
the entire length of the country outside the plane windows...

But just as anyone who loves will tell you,
one more day is all we ever want
on an infinite loop


1 comment:

pencilfox said...

your post blessed my heart.
i'm sure being at that wedding, coming home to california with a dove in tow, spending that day the three of you....i am *sure your heart was full yet achey all at the same time.

with love....