Monday, November 16, 2015

'Relief' Update, Preview Part I.

Faceted Sodalite (cabbed right here), brass and sterling silver stars, enamel and watercolor on copper moon. 

Singular Magic: Kyanite in fine and sterling silvers. Enamel and watercolor on copper crescent moon.

Singular Magic: Kyanite in fine and sterling silver. Enamel and watercolor on copper skyscape.

Lapis Lazuli rounds in sterling and fine silvers. Brass stars. Enamel and watercolor on copper moon.

Blood Moon Earrings: mother of pearl in fine and sterling silvers. Seed beads on brass. Organic brass hoops. Sterling ear wires.


These beautiful pieces in all of their intricacy and endless attention to detail. These pieces, made in my studio in all its hot and cold, these are my valentines to our new place in this world and particularly to the evenings and nights we've come to love in such a short time.

Relief. Everything out here feels like relief.

Soothing evenings where the wind whips in from the ocean to wipe the slate clean. This cooling was especially magical in the summer with its fire pit afternoons. 

As I was tucking Orion into bed one night (like every night)  I saw one of the dippers through his window. It was not dim or faint. In its brightness it winked at me and I exclaimed like a child, full of wonder and feeling like I'd half forgotten what stars look like away from a city sky.

Each little crescent or half moon of enameled watercolor was fired at least six-seven times. The process is long and rewarding. I am so grateful and excited to share this with you, these little sketches that stem from gratitude.

They were not made as an exception to challenge,
but as a love letter to the feeling of finding an oasis
after being parched for too long.

I'll be posting these to the 

along with several other tiny grand fir and sky sketches

on Wednesday the 18th of November at 5 pm Pacific time.


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oh the moon and the stars
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