Sunday, March 9, 2008

Fresh Start

This weekend I played at a benefit in Palm Desert, and as part of the package they gave us a lovely room at a resort hotel. After we played Anthony, Matt and I went to Target and I got an adorable bikini. Upon our arrival at the lovely MiraMonte we swam for over an hour, dolphin diving into the warm blue as the clock neared 10 and the night air chilled.

Anthony and I slept in our big king sized bed for nearly twelve hours before we rose up, refreshed and vacationed. We've since returned home and even now after a day of chores and a killer pilates class I feel like someone refilled my battery full of new ideas and limber intellect.

Here is a bowl of fresh Meyer lemons and tangerines from Matt's Grandpa. He picked them for us from trees in his back yard.

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