Monday, March 10, 2008

From Pre to Post

A pile of lovely tooled goodies all have homes already. Custom orders comprise this bounty, and also orders for a boutique: a boutique to drool over and die for!
Here is what became of some of the leaves:


Mikiye Creations said...

Hi Sunny Rising Leather, I got blog tagged today, so now I'm tagging you. Hope that is OK :-)

If you chose to play, here's how this game of tag goes:

1. Link to the tagger.

2. Share 7 random or weird facts about yourself.

3. Tag 7 people, post their names and links to their blogs on your blog.

4. Tell the 7 people you tagged by posting “Tag you’re it” on their blogs in their comments box and explain the rules to them.

Please don't feel obligated, just tag if its something you think would be fun!

The Noisy Plume said...

First of all...I just bought a new bikini on Friday and wish, so very much, that you and I could do a little rain dance around a fire in our new swimsuits because:
1. I'm parched and could really use some "il pleut".
2. Swimsuits always look ultra tribal by firelight.

Secondly, I have been dreaming of the belt.

Thirdly, I am really proud of you for popping a leather line into a feels good for me and I'm not even you!