Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The Thing With Feathers

They say hope is the thing with feathers but I would be hard pressed not to argue
that there are other things that feathered be.

Like time.
It is truly in flight right now, riding warm currents and making me crane my neck to catch sight.


Dragonfly and Scrubjay feather earrings with repurposed vintage coral rounds

Is that why feathers are the sum of my work of late? Wings?

In wearing them, in touching them will I somehow catch up to the quick hours?

With Feathers Necklace, sterling scrubjay feather with gem chrysporase

In working with plumes there is a sense of connection with the present in a rich way...
gifts left for me in the backyard, parcels from afar.

Packages of wings from family and friends who know I am always on the lookout for dead bugs...
it's a role I never thought I'd play, the woman to whom people send dead things.

I like it very much, though. I am honoring things that would otherwise get swept up, brittle and empty containers of nothing.

Mostly of late my heart is the thing with feathers, flying alongside the ever-quicker footsteps of a blonde cherub. I love him so much it hurts.

With these beautiful pieces I will be tucking "A Little Grace" petal necklace into the shop this evening.

To see them listed travel

this evening.

With love and lift,


Sybil Ann said...

I love my dragonfly with beach glass. And I have a GIANT beetle for you - found him while mowing.

MrsLittleJeans said...

love your feathers xxx

Allisunny S. said...

Sybil - get OUT!!! That is amazing - thank you!! :)

Mona - and I love YOU :) xo

Sybil Ann said...

Um. He was not dead.

Dead beetles do not escape the box and walk across the counter. He has been liberated. Faker.

I'll keep looking. It's Florida, we have lots. ;)

nicole said...

Your jewelry is so so lovely. I keep stalking your etsy, hoping to catch a feather or insect wing piece.