Monday, August 26, 2013

Giveaway & American Made

I have something for you,
bits of intention-filled loveliness that you surely deserve to grace that beautiful neck.

The last month has see my work become very architectural with so much heart going into the building of the metals and the elements that marry together...
pieces (both parts and whole) have felt like a recipe
for greater and specific healing.

I am taking off for a few weeks with the not-so-wee O for a trip to Minnesota
and time with the family there.
This break is SO crucial: I'd just exhausted myself finally after a whirlwind
and unusually long stay from the muse.

The thing is, new ideas are already beginning their haunting songs! Armed with a sketch book and time to myself (courtesy of my own mama)
I'll be able to order the raw materials
research the techniques
draw the components
and breathe

This time feels like a gift before it's even begun.

There's something else that's pretty exciting:

I have entered the American Made Contest and there's quite a bit at stake, including ten thousand dollars for brand and business expansion. My heart beats faster just thinking of it...

won't you take the time to vote for me?

You can do so 

up to six times a day for the next few weeks. It would make a tremendous difference in my world if I was recognized!

These Stars are truly shoulder dusters and yet they are light as a feather.
Hammered stars have been given a sense of place with texture from the concrete of this lovely century-old cottage I call home.

Jacaranda laurels cradle the sterling chain that is hung with sweet and beautiful vintage repurposed coral beads and a dot of chrysoprase green grounding.

Leave a comment to enter: I do moderate them, so know that even if you don't see it immediately it will show up when I get to check in.

Write to me about yourself, take a moment to share your light here!

As for American Made, vote daily up to six times and know that your time and care will absolutely make a difference.

From the bottom of my heart thank you for the amazing opportunity to serve you, to create and make with such big reciprocal love.



Emily said...

I used up all of my votes for you today! Hope you have a lovely time in Minneapolis. I'm headed there on the 5th!

Allisunny S. said...

You rock, Emily!!! Thank you and maybe we will say hi in person!! :) xo

Heather Burt said...

Wow - those earrings are a work of art! I would feel like a rock star wearing those! And since my life is SO not like a rock star's these would whisk me off to a dream world away from life's realities. Have a lovely trip ~ as someone living in Wisconsin, I know how beautiful this part of the Midwest is and you will be refreshed and restored upon your return!

veee said...

this comment refers to "summer fades"...when my son, noah, was born i received a lot of cards, but one stood out in started..."remember, he is not yours"

well, i can tell you i was not happy about reading that...i had just spent a mighty mighty stint giving birth to the 10 pounder and when he finally hit my arms it felt like i was holding the baby jesus

fast forward 18 years...i just dropped my son off at college this week and no words ring more bittersweet than those because they are true

truths are awfully beautiful and awfully harsh

UmberDove said...

Sigh. You know I'm nutcakes for this new body of work of yours. And your boy-of-your-body. It's drizzly here today and I'm about to settle in with a heating pad, a sketchbook, and about 150 pounds of dog. Here's to the mad rush and the slow refill. xox!

Tizi said...

I just want you to win because you are awesome....simple as that! I have not taken my earrings off yet!

Tizi said...

I simply want YOU to win because you are just AWESOME!
That is it!

Cat said...

Voting till the cows come home. I'm behind you, all the way, dearest heart! Have a beautiful time with your family. xooxoxo

Susan said...

your work is so beautiful and so obviously full of your heart and soul. gladly voting for you!

JMocklerArt said...

I LOVE the the star earrings and the little video about your path as a leather crafter. I'll keep on voting for you. Love, Julia

Eva Ménager said...

I'm so happy to have the opportunity to make something for you from my Far Far Woods!!!
;-)) i've used all the votes for you.
Was the flight good with your little sweet heart?

Hope for you the best!

Heather Paulding said...

A beautiful work of art for the earlobes!

Thank you,

hef117 (at) gmail (dot) com

DJ said...

Voted X 6! :) Hope you win, you deserve it! Love your earrings and enjoy your trip.

Valerie Brown said...

I hope you have a great holiday!

I was feeling like I was slumping, so I've stepped away from the bench the last few weeks (!) and have been blissfully playing with color in the form of watercolors, pencil crayons, and collage. Ideas are starting to roll around in my head, soon it will be time to design! Sometimes a break is just what the doctor ordered.

I watched your video for your entry, yesterday. It is great, I don't see how you can't win!

All the best!

m said...

I exercised my right to vote and then some ;)

Girl, I must often your words echo my heart and mind so perfectly that I am convinced we are close kin of the spiritual variety. Cheers to family and rejuvenation...enjoy every second! xoxo!

Sarah Boekell said...

oh, my lovely. enjoy your time. relax. replenish. breath. xo.

Magda said...

I hope you win and I keep my fingers crossed. I'm not in the US so I can't vote for you. You know YOU are a shining star. xxx

Sophia Georgiopoulou said...

Voted and will vote until the votes run out :-)...Have been browsing over your metal work from the start of your Etsy shop and I believe that with the last fifteen or so pieces (especially the magic spell pieces) you have really found your artistic voice. The beautiful combinations of feathers, leaves and gemstones, the proportions of the elements used and the color palette are sublime.
You are truly gifted with imagination and talent, Allison. Thank you for sharing this gift with the world and us.

Candace Morris said...

Enjoy your trip, Momma. You deserve it. Today, my light consists of sugar donut (my August installment), a quad espresso, and a wee one crying in existential angst at the baby gate separating her from the front yard, where she desperately wants to practice her climbing skills on the concrete steps.

Anonymous said...

I don't comment often, but I always read your blog. It's inspiring to me as a mom and often lifts me up when I need it. Thank you for gifting your words, they are deeply appreciated.
Also I am very happy to vote for you and will daily, good luck!!

MaeveBe said...

these are so beautiful and unique! I love the handmade look :)

Illustratornette said...

You know you have my support! Keep doing your thang!

robin sandomirsky (soyala) said...

i tried to comment yesterday but it doesn't look like it went through but maybe it just wasn't moderated yet but i want to make sure you got it cause yikes i was having computer problems!

i love your work and i've voted for you 6 times the last two days.

such a huge supporter of you and so grateful to have connected.

the highlight of my day was this little box that came in the mail. i was so excited i almost couldn't open it. then i did an hour of blissful yoga with beautified ears!!!!

Zorah said...

Vote vote vote!

Unknown said...

I voted!! Keep remind us so we can do it each day, and as always your work is amazing. xxx

Stacey said...

Poured all my votes into your bin just now!! :) I hope you get recognized -- you deserve it and then some. Hope you are having a beautiful week!


Lee said...

Your work is beautiful; like the stars. Have a great trip and good luck!

nicole said...

Wishing upon a star that both you and I win...


Whoever wins those amazing earring will be a lucky girl indeed.

kerin rose said...

Alisunny!....I voted for you ( and will continue to! :)....will you vote for me?.
...we are in different categories, so we can both win! ...whoo too! happy the little one traveled to MN so beautifully! ( no surprise there! ) xo K

Akaliene said...

I had trouble leaving a comment a few days ago. I hope that this one goes through.

I absolutely love your work and wish you all the best in the giveaway. I voted for you and believe in your work and creations.

I am really inspired by your posts and of course, by your work. You are truly gifted and I love seeing your new creations.

Wishing you a safe trip and all the best in the contest.

With Blessings

Kate Fitzpatrick said...

I am voting and loving looking at your gorgeous work while enjoying my morning coffee and my new kitten sits on my arm, purring. It's the perfect way to start the day. Thank you for sharing your talents with the world!

Kelly Z. said...

Love the new work...of course keeping fingers crossed and voting on that you may shine with stars in your eyes...and I with them in my ears!:) hope you are enjoying your time away.

catie said...

oh, those earrings are divine.
just favorited your etsy metal shop ♥

Debbie D. said...

Your are a winner in my more ways than your beautiful work!
I will be voting away!

Debbie D. said...

You are a winner in my more ways than one! Thank you for sharing your beautiful work, and I'll be voting away!

Anonymous said...

Allison!! I love the directions your work ha been taking and hearing the stories of the inspiration behind each piece! I especially love how you have woven motherhood into your creative tapestry! I'm a little late to the voting, still in the hospital following a rather disastrous mishap, but as I return to some of my normal functions I tossed my votes your way today and will continue to do so at every opportunity. Enjoy every moment together with family!!

Andrea said...

I'm starting today...Later than best but better than never?

Hope you are enjoying your time...

Andrea said...

0 votes left today!
I do hope you win my friend.

Jessie said...

Wish I had seen this sooner, but you've got my 6 for the remainder! You rock!

Jenny Sweetland said...

Your work is inspiring. I love nature captured in metal. Nature is one of my favorite things and you can't carry it around with you as easily as it being pressed to metal, I think that is why your work is so loved, the beauty of the world along with your own beautiful touch. XOXO to you girl!

Nialah said...

Loving you dear friend,

Missing you and sending you sooo much love.



fitzyinox said...

Love your pieces. I'm voting for ya most every day :)

JEA said...

Hi There! My good friend Liz B. in Austin recently told me about your work & sent me the link to your site. I can't wait to see more! The shoulder dusters are lovely.