Thursday, September 5, 2013


Dear Friends!
Remember in my Giveaway post I mentioned Martha Stewart's American Made Contest and how I was a nominee in the Audience Choice segment for Design?
Well my community has stepped way the heck up and what started as a 'well....should I even enter?' has become a wave that sees me more excited and bold with each new day.
As of this very second I have over 1500 votes!! The voting rules stipulate that you can vote every day up to six times in a 24 hour period for an artist in any category, and that number means that friends and patrons and family have cared enough to take sixty seconds out of their busy days to register and click 'vote' on my
six times daily!
My vote totals so far have put me in the running for my category but there are several awesome designers that are way out in front.
Waaaaaay out in front.
They cannot even see us waving from here
Whaddaya say, should we give this the go of the century?
Will you rally behind SunnyRising and take a tiny voting break every day to join in the fun and contribute to the betterment of a worthwhile business?
Will you blog about the contest?
Will you check out some of the other fabulous and talented designers in the other categories too as I've been?
Will you wonder at their unique and special products?
Will you post the link to the SunnyRising American Made profile on Twitter or Facebook?
Will you help propel SunnyRising's votes to the moon?
Well heck, I'm out of breath
Let's do this thing, Beauties.