Monday, September 23, 2013


To the little girl who was going door-to-door trying to find a home for this kitten
next to the 280 entrance in downtown San Jose...

Honey, your kitten found a home.

After you left him on the sidewalk
he spent the night outside, his last unsheltered night on earth.
I'd like to think he found a warm place, but I cannot say for sure where he slept
or what if anything he ate when he woke.

My story with him begins at 10:00 AM Sunday morning
watching him stand attentively next to two lanes of fast-moving cars
with little fear, wedged between the freeway entrance
and drivers paying no attention:
no one stopped, no one even slowed down or changed lanes.

There was not a second's hesitation in my heart: he was going to die.
I pulled up a few dozen feet away so as not to scare him because I thought surely he would bolt in the opposite direction
but when I crouched down and rubbed my fingers together he ran straight into my arms
and I held on to him for dear life
until he was shut safely in my car.

Little girl, my heart was racing. We have a full house: a baby, two cats and two adults
but my next sensible and reasonable thought was erased by a deep and perfect purr
and one paw on my cheek.

Whatever you did to help him be so sweet, thank you. 
This kitten is the one-in-a-million kind of tender and strong. He's smart and bold and friendly.
I can tell by how fearless he is with people that you took good care of his heart.
He slept in my lap while I drove to Freedom, California for a meeting: once we started moving he just settled in.

Ditto for the ride home. Did he tuck his paw over your wrist when he slept in your arms? 

Sweet one, I don't know anything more than that he's a boy and he's ours. I need to get him tested for things that would either have him be our backyard cat or join Janey and Leela indoors.

Heaven knows you will likely never read this blog or know that there was an answer to your heart's wish that someone take care of what your parents couldn't
but if there was some sort of flare I could send up
or a message written in smoke above the valley here I would write it,
I would light it.

It would say
"He's Home. His name is Lil' Joe and we love him already. Thank you for bringing him into our lives".



Libellula Jewelry said...

Your post just made me cry tears of joy for your kindness. I love you so much right now. :)

MrsLittleJeans said...

He is adorable and so lucky too...lovely to see you Allison xx

Allisunny S. said...

My goodness thank you so much. Xoxo

UmberDove said...

So much love lady.

Kelly Z. said...

Well, I have not in my life ever been a cat kinda gal (due to severe allergies), although an animal lover I am...3 dogs, a bearded dragon, two wild wee wonderful/sometimes animal like children and a man (an animal of the kind spirit breed)...however, after reading this post...I get it, I get the cat love and thank you for sharing this and I must admit, you are all a bunch of lucky folks to have each other;) happy snuggling...aaahhchhoo!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to you both on finding each other. Wishing you a lifetime of joy!

chrissie said...

:) Glad you found each other and so glad you are the kind of person who cares and doesn't just drive by. Bless ya both xx

Cat said...

lucky little boy!

love and light

CeCe said...

I'm so glad you stopped and picked up Lil' Joe. I love happy endings :)

Sybil Ann said...

I love love love you.


Charlotte said...

I wish I could clone you a million times. This world would be in much better shape. Love you.

oksana said...

you make this world a better place -
you are love!! thank you -

Ally said...

This made my eyes a little teary. I would not have thought twice either about getting out to rescue this little love bug. You most certainly saved his life! I only wish I could bring home all the stray cats I find, I will have to settle for feeding the black cat that often visits me in my yard. <3 xoxo

robin sandomirsky (soyala) said...

i think in some ways the little girl knows and that is very very important....

dina said...

a million blessings of light and love to you, beautiful lady. thank heaven's luckiest stars that you found each other.......xoxo

Paula said...

You're a beautiful person - makes me proud to wear your creations! A friend of mine lost his dog to a car this weekend - your actions can't go unnoticed.

Brooke said...

Awww, Allison. What a beautiful post. Lil Joe could be Lil J's brother! J found us on the night of my husband's best friend's funeral - just showed up and meowed until we let him in and he climbed all over us and we've all (even Loaf, the other cat) basically been in love ever since. Kitties are the best! Lil Joe seems especially so. :)