Monday, September 30, 2013


Postscript: MIND BLOWN. Thank you, dearest dearests.

Days like the few that just flew by are such a lovely reminder of how blessed we are
that kindred spirits come into our home
laugh with us
dine with us
share stories and celebrate our child...

I keep getting knocked on my can by waves of gratitude.
Thank you, Everything.

Today I am opening up Twelve Custom Spots in the Metal Shop

for pieces that will be shipped to their intended beloveds by the holidays.

This year's custom work could not be described any other way than transformative.
I am still working through a few amazing designs for the Leather Shop's last wave of custom orders, and as my hands are a little carpal-sensitive it's slow going.

That's ok. My people have patience and good souls.

Goodness abounds.

The best of nights to you, dear friends!



Sophie said...

Oh no! All the custom spots as well as all the new goodies flew off the shelf! I wear the brass earrings I purchased in your shop almost every day and I feel it's time for another Sunny "fix". Will there be any more custom listings in the near future?

Mari Huertas said...